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Adam and Eve’s Big Dildo

You too can experience intense satisfaction. This extra-girthy dong features a lifelike penis shape with attractive sculptured veins. It also sports a comfortable base to hold. It’s everything you need and lots more


Perfect for those who love super thick sex toys, dildo really lives up to his name! This realistic big dildo has all the sexy textures and details of a real erection. This huge dildo is likely to be too big for beginners, and even experienced players should use lots of their favorite sex lubricant to help get this large lover in!


Adam and Eve’s Monster Dong

With the king-sized dildo, you can always have the orgasm you always wanted! Intensify and fire up your playtime with the monster dong and be sexy, confident and good! Spread body positivity by embracing BBW sex toys!

Women, men, and couples can experience countless modes of stimulation, role-playing and sheer fantasy with a the King Dildo. Whether it’s for self-pleasuring or pretending to be a rock-hard stud, or the fantasy of a third partner –– when you close your eyes and grab the Monster Dong you’ll swear it’s the real thing.

Realistic Love Large Dual Layer Dildo

The Love Large Dual Layer Dildo is made to please! This unique dildo features a dual layer design, with a soft and stretchy outer layer wrapped around a firm inner core. The outer layer even moves up and down the shaft – just like skin – so it feels amazingly life-like!

Curvy ladies, this week, you will be surprised to see how large this very smooth, new and jaw-dropping realistic dildo! You may have never seen this kind of dong yet but when you use it, you will be mesmerized how this 9.5-inch dildo can make every woman go crazy and wild! With its unique feature, it has a dual layer which really makes it super realistic which outer core moves up and down just like a real skin!


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